The Prologue – Down South not ‘Up Pompeii’



We like having ‘fun’! We take pleasure from the anticipation, the planning, the taking part and… the looking back: reminiscing, reliving and relishing – and planning the next journey.

September 2019 saw us revisit New Orleans as we began our Road Trip across the southern border of the United States on our way to Santa Monica. We’d been to New Orleans on our Music City Road Trip (2017) and had ended our Route 66 Road Trip at Santa Monica (2016). Both places deserved a more detailed and leisurely exploration and indulgence.

Previously, we have written our blog at the end of each day on the road. This time, we decided ‘merely’ to share our enjoyment and experiences via Facebook. However, our blogs are not primarily for others. They are for ourselves to review our travels and rekindle the events and experiences as we read again in the future of our ‘exploits’ in the past.

Facebook, we have decided, doesn’t allow us to do that as well as we would like. Hence this blog and book.

We are writing now, in April 2020, during the Coronovirus pandemic to raise our spirits and to inscribe and share another wonderful Road Trip together despite being physically distant. We can look back this day and during our tomorrows with pleasure and many new smiles.

Kath and Carolyn