New York, New York….!

So good they named it twice….but the most difficult place to get into!  Queuing for immigration and a taxi took a massive 3 hours but we joked with a lovely lady on ‘queue control’ who found it unusual we were still smiling!  Here we are 32 floors up and looking out at the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Centre.  Fabulous.

IMG_1837By the time we arrived we were tired (simple understatement) but wouldn’t anyone want to go and soak up the atmosphere in Times Square?  It seems brighter and flashier every time I visit but just a wonderful, brash knockout.  We were hungry too, and Planet Hollywood beckoned with a $10 off flyer, so we wrapped ourselves around a couple of OMG burgers, which were exactly that! Fabulous, as was both the vanilla milkshake and something Carolyn fancied – a cocktail called ‘Terminator ‘. Maybe a punch like Arnie.

Must sleep…..early morning start, long flight, time difference and tomorrow is another day in New York…zzzzzzz!

Carolyn’s Curios

I haven’t heard “Flower” as a term of non-commital address since black, Yorkshire comedian Charlie Williams used it repeatedly on “Wheeltappers and Shunters” and “The Comedians” all those years ago. However, Mark, the cabin manager of our flight, chose the soubriquet for me immediately. Such is life! Me? A flower?! Perhaps, a fading rose with some petals missing and still the thorns prominent.

The flight was cheap, cheerful and more than acceptable. We used our own iPads but accessed the onboard entertainment wifi as per Virgin Red. So, I watched … Happy Feet 2 – go Mumble and Erik!!! My music choice as I tried to doze was the soundtrack to Nashville. Had to be that bearing in mind one of our destinations.

As Kath mention, T4 JFK is, from experience, the terminal from hell – or close to it! We, as Brits, are skilled and experienced in queueing but our smiles were the only ones visible. Apparently, a previous customer, the queue steward recounted to us, found speaking English difficult but knew and used the ‘F’ word several times. The steward knew the word and some others, apparently, in her response!

The taxi driver was good at driving but less good at walking and lifting. I helped him with the cases into his yellow cab – the ubiquitous ‘Big Yellow Taxi’. And, so, we got to the hotel close by Times Square. My cocktail in Planet Hollywood named after Arnie didn’t have too much of a kick but was akin to a Long Island Iced Tea topped off with beer instead of Coke.

Walking back to the hotel after our very lengthy day (19 hours on the go) tested my new hip and relatively tender feet but seeing, listening to and smelling Times Square was worth the extra effort.

And, tomorrow is another day…