So, “We drove down to Missouri” 🎼🎹🎤

We left Springfield still clinging to the deluge from the early morning thunderstorm and hoped to run out of the rain. Sadly, the weather liked us so much, it came along for the ride…all of it.  imageSt. Louis is clearly a beautiful city and we have done our best to walk and see, but after resorting to an Irish pub for lunch and shelter, we decided to find an indoor attraction. Nearby we found the National Blues Museum and had great fun amongst the interactive exhibits. OK, I am never going to be a blues performer (thank you, Carolyn for showing the evidence on Facebook) but it entertained and amused the life out of me to have some musical play time.


We managed a further walk to look at some of the beautiful buildings here before the rain became too bad.

However, the view from our hotel of the famous St. Louis Arch and the mighty Mississippi is well worth contemplating.  The once very grand Crowne Plaza is now a little tired but the view….Wow!

Tomorrow is a drive of over 200 miles to Springfield. Hang on, we just left there?!  Ah, right..this one is in Missouri.

Carolyn’s Curios

Driving… Ok, I’ve come to terms wth driving on the right, turning right despite a red light, 11 feet high and a seeming mile long truck after truck but… being followed by what looked like a taxi but turned out to be a Sheriff’s car and later finding myself driving the wrong way on a one-way street which had no signs as I turned (I went back to check!)… Hmm!

Finally, for today, a smile for former students… “Why is it called Pi?”



One thought on “So, “We drove down to Missouri” 🎼🎹🎤”

  1. Hi Kath & Carolyn!!
    Have a Wonderful time driving route 66.
    Thinking of you,
    Lots of Love,
    Richard & Anne XXX

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