Last thoughts on Cape Horn

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 I, the albatross that awaits for you at the end of the world…

I, the forgotten soul of the sailors lost that crossed Cape Horn from all the seas of the world.

But die they did not
in the fierce waves,
for today towards eternity
in my wings they soar
in the last crevice
of the Antarctic winds

Sara Vial
Dec – 1992

One thought on “Last thoughts on Cape Horn”

  1. hi kathleen don,t know if this will work. just to say we are receiving you nicely and lost in wonder at it all , with alittle touch of envy. Doreen is Behaving herself , worst luck, ad as the two hospital tests due next week. We,ve had to cancel our week in Spain insurance and inclination conspire against. Wait for the Spring, if it ever comes. Weather diabolical here, wish we were with you. Much love, vaya con Dios xxxx

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