Strange times in Argentina

imageThe sun was hot, the sea was blue and, thanks to some shenanigans by the Argentinians, our port trips from Puerto Madryn had been cancelled.  Therefore, the only thing to do in the circumstances was to enjoy the weather and an additional sea day… we thought.

Suddenly, the Captain announced that the disputes had ceased, the threat to safety had gone away, we were docking in port and could get off the ship.  It would be a much shortened day but a stroll in the sunshine through the town seemed like a good option.  Right!


We docked at 2 pm and waited eagerly for the ‘cleared for disembarkation’ announcement.  The queues for the gangways got steadily longer and still we waited.  3 pm came and went and we were due to leave again at 4.30 but still the Argentine authorities did not give us clearance.  Finally, at about 3.15, with the lines of passengers snaking around the ship, came the permission.

By that time, I had noticed a distinct change in the weather and a guy standing on the dock could be seen holding onto his bus for dear life as the wind filled his clothing making him a passable ‘Michelin man’.

Black clouds had gathered and across the bay the port was disappearing.  The soaking received in Buenos Aires was still fresh in my mind and this was the point at which it took a nano-second to decide whether a half hour walk into Puerto Madryn was a great option.  Which is how I came to enjoy a delightful cup of tea on the ship, some great conversation whilst some of my fellow passengers took until 4.15 to get off the ship and then had to get back on it…in the rain!!

The prospect of rounding Cape Horn now looms large and it is at this point the weather will be cold for a couple of days.  We must hold onto our hats as the Southern Ocean can produce mountainous seas.  What fun – just like being on a roller coaster!

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